"Very friendly with affordable prices....

Carrie Rivera is very friendly and passionate about her career. She is flexible in her busy
schedule: we were scheduled for New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony.

She helps each couple (as well as same sex marriages)
make their wedding unique and personal.

She can meet you at her office or at a place of worship, country clubs, museums, etc.  

I would highly recommend this vendor to anyone!
Payment Policy
Q & A about our Payment Policy...
Once we book and pay for our wedding package, and we need to cancel for whatever reason, do you provide a refund?

    We understand that anything can happen at any moment, from the time you book your wedding with us until the actual wedding date, in that emergencies happen. However,
    we can not issue full refunds, because once your wedding date and time is booked on our calendar, that date and time is no longer available to any other couple.

    A partial refund may be given if we receive a written cancellation (email only) from the couple, within 5 business days after the contract signing. A $150 Administrative Fee will
    be deducted. Cancellations received after 5 business days will not qualify for a partial refund. RSVP fees, if paid, are always non-refundable.

If for some unforeseen reason, we need to change or reschedule our wedding date, can we?

    Yes!  Couples can reschedule their wedding date and time, provided we have the availability, so please call us to verify first before changing on our calendar! An additional RSVP
    Fee must be paid in order to book the new date and time. Couples can change their date and time only once on our calendar. Keep in mind that the RSVP Fee is non-refundable.

Do you use written contracts?

    Yes. After a couple selects their wedding ceremony package and submits payment, a contract for wedding officiant services will be sent to the couple within 24 hours or less for
    their review and electronic signature. If couples hire us at the time of their consultation, the couple will receive the contract by the officiant for their review and wet signature.
    All couples will receive a copy of their written contracts for their records. In addition, couples who choose the Custom Wedding Ceremony Package, will also receive a copy of
    their Wedding Ceremony Plan.

    Should you have further questions regarding our payment policy, please always feel free to give us a call or text Carrie @ (773) 255-5766.
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