Sample Vows for long term relationships...
.......I promise to walk hand-in-hand with you
through life's journeys.  No matter what lies
together. In the joys and troubles I pledge
to you what has already been yours for so long --
that lie ahead of us, I will be faithful and loving
only to you. This is my solemn vow.
Sample Vows With Children...
.......Today, it is my honor to become your wife/husband. I promise to
continue building our family together, celebrating our joy, comforting
one another in future.  I vow to love and cherish you for all My love,
You have already given me the two greatest gifts of my life: your love,
and our the days of my life.....
I promise to my beloved that I will always love you and be your faithful partner... for better for worse, for richer or poorer, or when the Bears / Bulls / Cubs / Sox /
Blackhawks are winning or losing, until death do us part, or which ever of the above comes first....OR,

I will be true and loyal to you, as well as faithful, same as a fan of the Bears / Bulls / Cubs / Sox / Blackhawks,  for all the days of our lives and/or for however long it
will take our Bears / Bulls / Cubs / Sox or Blackhawks to win another Superbowl, NBA Championship, World Series or Stanley Cup!
Couples who have that "OMG this is really happening!" moment can simply relax and rely on Wedding Officiant Carrie Rivera to guide each couple through the ceremony
process and smoothly transition each into a total state of "calm and bliss"

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"Carrie proves most essential by assisting couples at the time most" Jeff & Jennifer wed on March 21, 2009.
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"Carrie was flexible with the presentation and very cordial to our family that was

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Thank you Cari!"