Below are some questions asked of our resident Officiant, that we feel perhaps might help other engaged couples when
    choosing a wedding officiant...

    1.  How many weddings do you officiant?

    Sort of a hard question to answer since the answer is entirely dependent on so many factors. During the peak Wedding
    Season, we tend to be very busy, with up to 10 weddings a month usually beginning April until August. Fall weddings
    tend to drop to about half of that.

    2.  Can we help create the ceremony?
    Yes, in fact I encourage it. Typically, when a couple gets married in the traditional church and steeple setting,  they
    often times do not have any say or choices as far as their ceremony is concerned.  However, since Chicago JOP is not
    the a-typical "church", we do provide each couple with a lovely Wedding Salon, modernly decorated, to get married in,
    as well as many ceremonial choices to choose from.  Couples that hire me to be their officiant, are given a customized
    Wedding Ceremony Plan, which is specifically tailored to each couples needs. Usually, at the FREE wedding consultation
    I provide each couple interested in my services, I explain all the wonderful details of how we can both create their
    perfect wedding ceremony together, based only on the couples religious or secular attributes, traditions, customs and
    personal needs.

    3.  Do you permit flash photography to be taken during the ceremony?
    Yes, and most professional photographers will be able to take wonderful pictures of your wedding, without interfering in
    or with the ceremonial process itself.

    4.  Do you have a back up just in case you are unable to attend and perform the ceremony?
    Yes. Back-up officiants are either clergy or judges who are excellent substitutions, and understand each of our couples

    5.  Do you book more than one wedding a day? If so, how many?
    Yes, but the number of weddings I perform in a day, depends on the actual wedding "date" itself.  For example, these
    popular dates: 1-11-11, 4-11-11, 7-11-11, 9-11-11, and 11-11-11, I must have married up to 10 couples on
    each of these days, back to back, so not a typical number of how many couples I may marry in any given day. So, the
    number of weddings I do in a day, is not only determined by the couples preference, but the popularity of the actual
    "date".  We often get many RSVP's from couples for these dates, who either wish to be wed here in RSVP with us as
    soon as possible, to hold their wedding date and time so they date and time so they don't get bumped by another

    6.  What will you wear?
    Depends on the wedding package chosen by the couple, and often varies from either business to casual attire. Please
    visit our Couples Pix to see a few pictures of me and other couples I have married.

    7.  What is your total fee?  Do you charge extra to travel or file the marriage license?
    All of our pricing for wedding & event services are listed on the Prices page.  There is no charge for filing the marriage
    license as once the wedding ceremony is performed, I'm legally charged with filling out the  marriage license (of which a
    copy is provided to the couple) then mailing it (the original) off to the clerk's office of the county in which the license
    was issued, within 14 days after the marriage.

    8.  Do you guarantee that you will perform our ceremony?
    At Chicago JOP, we use written contracts which are clear and easy to understand, which specifically states our services,
    and assures each couples that hires us, that we are not only very serious about our business, but will abide by our
    written contract terms. Once we have a signed contract, we (and the couple) are legally bound to the terms set therein.
    We do guarantee that I (or a back-up officiant, in case of an emergency), will marry each couple on their very special
    day, just the way they wanted it.

    9.  Do you have any restrictions on readings or music?
    Nope, not at all. In fact, I encourage each couple to incorporate their specific needs, whether its religious or secular,
    into their ceremony. I also have, what I call, my Big Blue Wedding Book, where I provide contracted couples with lots of
    "homework" or samples of all that make up a wedding ceremony, including various pieces of scripture readings, prayers
    and music, and so much more!

    10.  Will you oversee our rehearsal and is there a fee?
    If the couple desires a rehearsal, yes, I can certainly accommodate.

    11.  Do you marry same sex couples?
    Yes! ChicagoJOP does not discriminate, and are absolutely thrilled that as of June/2011, same sex couples can now be
    legally married.

    12.  Should we tip the Wedding Officiant?
    Though it is not necessary, a tip represents that the couple was extremely happy with the wedding officiants
    performance, and if they do tip, would be greatly appreciated.

    13.  Is Chicago JOP a government office or in any way actual judges or justices of the peace?
    Chicago Justice of the Peace Wedding Services is our company name ONLY. We provide Wedding Officiant Services that
    is unrelated to any official office. The Wedding Officiant is NOT an actual judges, nor an "justice of the peace".  Nor are
    we affiliated with any governmental office, or company's using our company name in their advertising.  Chicago Justice
    of the Peace Wedding Services or Chicago JOP, is our company name ONLY. We are a small privately owned wedding
    services company. Carrie Rivera, is an ordained minister, and our company has been legally chartered through Universal
    Ministries in Milford, IL.  Our credentials are always readily available for our couples inspection prior to hiring.
"Very friendly with affordable prices....

Carrie Rivera is very friendly and passionate about her career. She is flexible in her
busy schedule: we were scheduled for New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony. She helps
each couple (as well as same sex marriages) make their wedding unique and personal.
She discusses at her office (such as a place of worship, country clubs, museums, etc.)  
I would highly recommend this vendor to anyone!"
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