My name is Carrie Rivera, and I am a Wedding Officiant & Pastor for Chicago Justice of the Peace Wedding
Services aka "Chicago JOP".  Before explaining who I am, I'd like to clarify a few things that some couples may be
confused about when searching for a "justice of the peace".  Please note that we use this phrase in our company
name, for wedding service advertising only, and are not real justices of the peace. We are the first wedding vendor
to incorporate the phrase in our company name since 2008.

Should you come across someone claiming to be a real Illinois Justice of the Peace, please report them to the
Attorney Generals office for the State of Illinois, because there are NO justices of the peace in this state.
Please read our
DISCLAIMER for more information.

Now a little bit about me, HELLO and welcome to our humble site. For those seeking an ordained,
non-denominational minister, I am one, who can legally marry all engaged couples seeking be wed in the State of
Illinois and will be happy to show any Couple my ordination credentials. After a brief time off, due to personal
reasons, I have once again begun marrying couples as this is the profession I truly love.  I am also a paralegal and
notary public and have been for over 26 years.
So how and why did I get into the wedding business? Feel free to  ask me when we meet for your free wedding

Now, having said all of the above, I would like to stress how strongly I believe that no one, regardless of sexual
preference, should ever be denied what is, in my opinion, a basic human right, to be legally wed to one's true
love....for as long as they both shall live. Finding one's soul mate and marring them is truly a blessing, and shouldn't
be denied to anyone.

Each couples' Wedding Day, deserves to have a memorable wedding ceremony, one that has been specifically
created, designed and centered around the couple. I am proud to say that all of the wedding ceremonies I've
crafted for my wonderful couples, each have been unique and specific to each couples needs.
©  2008-2017.  All Rights Reserved. Chicago Justice of the Peace Wedding Services and Chicago JOP are working trademarks owned by Wedding Officiant Carrie Rivera

We are so very happy with Carrie's services!! The ceremony was beautiful, and she is
great to work with!! We appreciate everything you did.

Call Carrie @
(773) 255-5766
for your
Wedding Officiant