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"Marriage" for most cultures is viewed as a tradition, or an important right of passage and is the bonding of a monogamous relationship shared
between two individuals, who absolutely love & trust one another, and have mutually decided to seal their love, this unforgettable bond, as
husband & wife, or partners for life!
Getting married should be taken quite seriously, because once the Officiant signs the marriage license, you and your husband/wife/partner, are
bound by matrimony.  Making this life altering event a very serious endeavor. This life choice, to be legally wed, must be mutually agreed upon,
as well as felt and shared wholeheartedly, and most importantly, decided together, without any hesitation or regrets.
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Choosing the right Wedding Officiant, to create and perform your
wedding ceremony, is also a very important decision, and each couple should
pick an individual who will specifically design a ceremony, based on the couple's personal attributes, cultural & family traditions, and/or religion
or secular preferences. Check out a sample of
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The actual "Wedding" is considered to be an official public event whereby each couple openly declares their matrimonial intentions to one
another, and is customarily shared with the couples family and friends. This event can sometimes turn into a very large and expensive event
leaving today's couples "rethinking" about spending large sums of money on large expensive weddings.  It seems the trend of today's couples is
getting married in non-traditional settings. Not only does this save the couple money by having their wedding at venues like a park, gazebo,
beach, restaurant, by a monument, or where the couple met, etc., but it makes the wedding more intimate and special.  
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Wherever you have your wedding ceremony performed, after the Wedding Officiant solemnizes the ceremony a very special and universal
commitment is created binding each couple to their lovers and soul mates, until the end of all days.
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A Wedding should be one of the most memorable events a couple will share, during their lifetime.  
Wedding Officiant Carrie Rivera will happily provide wedding officiant services for ALL happily engaged couples,
and will assist in making their day absolutely special and most memorable not only for the couple, but for their family and friends as well!

"...creating memories, one couple at a time!"
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